Tactical Solar® Accessories

Tactical Solar® Accessories

Energy Technologies offers a range of solar accessories to support your solar panels and solar cases.

Solar Briefcase ISolar ™ Bus Distribution Units

ETI's SolarCases can collect power from a number of solar panels at one time. The Solar Distribution unit allows eight solar panels to be connected to each solar case increasing the potential power.

  • Storage space for 2-12 solar panels
  • 8-14 Built-in solar panel ports
  • Light weight, durable case
  • Easy to assemble and deploy
  • Solar ports are covered to keep out sand or dirt.

Solar Briefcase ISolar Panel Frame

Collecting the maximum sunlight in your solar panels requires angling of the panels toward the sun. This solar frame allows the portable panels to be set up and angled as needed.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble in minutes
  • Adjustable height for various times of day
  • Comes in durable storage bag

Solar Briefcase I Solar Cables & Connectors

TacticalSolar products

rely on several styles of connectors and cables to link to their charging systems, batteries or applications. Various connectors and cables are available.

  • solar connector adapters
  • car charger adapters
  • cables in various lengths: 5', 10' 15' 20' or custom lengths.
  • power cables for solar chargers and battery modules in various lengths.
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